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date someone who uses their turn signal

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"Being alone is better than sitting next to a lover and feeling lonely."

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so is this a joke or what

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Yvette Nicole Brown Responds to the NY Times’s portrayal of Shonda Rhimes as an “Angry Black Woman”

This article is literally “It’s Obama’s fault that the angry black woman is on tv.” They had the nerve to say these women “can and do get angry.” Like it’s so much more when a black woman has ANY emotion as opposed to characters of other races. Were these characters white, latin@, Asian, or of any other descent, their characters would be “passionate,” or “spirited,” or “feisty.” But when a black female character, especially one created by Shonda Rhimes, shows anger in ANY context, assholes like this writer just roll their eyes and say “here we go again.” They miss the point completely. When these black women get angry, they are not “Angry Black Women,” they are “Black Women who happen to be angry in a situation in which it’s normal for apparently any other race to show anger.” This is so damn stupid.

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Since I apparently have followers who DO pay attention to what I post, I just wanted to give y’all a heads up because I don’t have wifi right now, and the data reception in my ground-level apartment is nearly nonexistent. Posting will be scarce for a while, but I’ll be around.

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OMG they are so hot too. I didn't ask to discuss it, get over yourself. Hope you get better in drag tho, brah.

K thx

No tv, no wifi, no table, no couch. Sitting in this apartment all day until I work is gonna kill me slowly.

something bad is happening right now



[link to an article from 2009]

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casual racism includes:

the way people trivialize black women so much to the point where fat black women are constantly the subject of gifs and nobody will admit that it’s because they enjoy the stereotype of the “big black ghetto woman” doing something like “ahh praise da lawd” or “ohh babe” or some shit like that 

the fact that this got no notes speaks volumes about how in denial you people are 

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um sweetheart I have a gay friend so I think I’m entitled to speak on behalf of the entire LGBT community sweetie :)

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U know she dead

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